Monday, November 16, 2009

give me something that is hot, hot, hot*

Welcome to another week. This weekend, due to an inconvenient combination of broke&sick between K&I, we stayed in. It was rainy anyway.

I think that living in the country has dramatically changed my drinking habits.

When I lived in the city, I used to get a chai or double-shot latte every single day. When I moved out here, it just didn't seem worth it anymore (maybe it was the "complimentary" coffee downstairs that did my habit in)... and I didn't really seem to miss it. Maybe it's the fact that I don't have to walk a mile and a half in a snowstorm to get to class (where warm milky espresso or tea was tremendously helpful in body-warming) or the fact that it just doesn't feel right to drink it while sitting in a flourescent forest of cubicles instead of a dimly lit coffee shop. I don't know what it is, but lately I've been filling that void with a variety of seasonal beverages, and I feel like it's getting a little bit out of control.

You see, the problem is -- I can't decide what I want! At least when I was getting my daily drink that was pretty much the end of that (and beer or wine would fill my evenings up). Now, I'm regularly torn between:

* hot chocolate (mocha or regular?)

* hot tea (chai or peppermint?)

* hot cider

It's a dilemma! Because I can't concentrate my covetousness on any one cup, I've been shamefully swilling combinations of all three. I even tried "chaider" to narrow my options... didn't do it for me. I think the fundamental problem here is that I always want the chocolate, but I know I shouldn't drink it willy-nilly. And I have always tried to avoid consuming unnecessary calories in liquid form (alcohol excluded - I'm in denial that champagne and red wine are categorically caloric), so the very fact that chocolate or cider are making their way into my refreshment repetoire is disarming.

Alack, what shall I do? I suppose it might be time to embrace hot chocolate as my dessert-of-choice, even though I only recently re-discovered the brilliance of frozen (literally) yogurt:

I say "re-discovered" because I credit my friend S with showing me the way to this little gem of an idea but technically my mom used to do this all the time! When we were kids she would make popsicles out of strawberry yogurt and they were fabulous. Do mothers even make popsicles anymore? Anyway, this is the perfect portion-controlled treat... if you haven't tried it, pop a couple of these bad boys in the freezer and find out for yourself how magical they are! You won't be disappointed.

Yeah, I'm already thinking about dessert and it's only lunchtime. That's the way the wheels in my head tend to turn.

Now back to Monday...


  1. I have the same problem when it comes to hot beverages too! I try to avoid drinking my calories, but in the winter I always want something hot... and it usually is hot chocolate too. I, myself, did cave and usually have hot chocolate as my dessert of choice, but OMG how good is frozen yogurt! I love the chocolate one... ahh I am starting to see the culprit hmm...

    Your outfit is so cute today! I love how you added the red chunky scarf- it really ties the whole outfit together.