Thursday, November 12, 2009

sickness swaddled in a soft sweater

I usually shy away from sweaters because I have a short midsection and they tend to eliminate any hint of a curve in that region... I've always thought they just made me look kind of bulky. That said, I love everything about this sweater! The slouchy fit may add bulk, but it's so comfortable that I don't care. The loose tan knit is sporatically pitted with autumnal-inspired spots, which give the impression of imperfection and make it feel vaguely handmade.

(sweater: TJMaxx; lace tank top: Maurice's; jeans: GAP; shoes: Madden Girl peep-toe oxfords; necklace: DIY; bracelet: vintage, gift)
Anyway, it is a wonderfully cozy complement to my sickened state
& I am already on the mend!

1 comment:

  1. Love this sweater! I almost bought it myself, but decided not too... now I wish I did. So perfectly cozy! Hope you start to feel better soon!