Monday, November 2, 2009

the spirit of halloween

Even though K and I did not go out on Halloween night, we did celebrate in our own way. I couldn't let the evening pass without taking advantage of the opportunity to channel a character of some kind. I spent the night possessed by the spirit of a glamourous Sunset Boulevard-style actress of a bygone era. She spends her lonely nights in an unkempt mansion in the Hollywood hills, drinking whiskey from a wine glass and lamenting the loss of her fabulous life long before her physical death... piling on all of the jewelry she was gifted in her golden years and filling the lines in her face with foundation while her tears unceremoniously unmask her again and again.

I probably should have taken out the nose ring for a more historically accurate effect, but it stubbornly refuses to heal and I stubbornly refuse to remove it.

(Yes, that is a real mink coat, and I realize that other vegetarians might view its ownership as an act of moral turpitude, but I got it for $25 at an antique store and I sort of staunchly regard its purchase as an attempt to let the poor animal live on for eternity. I have no problem with vintage fur... I'm not even sure exactly where I stand on fur in general. I mean, I don't have a problem with leather... I just don't want to eat it.)

P.S. Thanks to K for his excellent foto skills & use of ambient lighting.