Thursday, November 5, 2009

sense of snow

Meet my funny new friend:

This owl pendant is what inspired my DIY jewelry-making fever at Michael's. I originally just wanted to get it for my Halloween costume (I was on the hunt after seeing so many lovely owl necklaces on other blogs & on etsy) but of course I intend to wear it often outside the realm of All Hallows.

(jumper: thrifted ($2!); black turtleneck dress: American Apparel; boots: ALDO; fur collar: H&M; tights: Ralph Lauren (TJMaxx); belt: thrifted ($.50!); owl necklace: DIY)

I love how this outfit just came together this morning. It definitely helps to build around a couple of items that you want to accessorize with. I knew that I wanted to incorporate the owl and I've been missing my fur collar this week so I felt a reunion was in order:

As a result I feel a little bit like some sort of Woodland Creature.

Wild Things, anyone? I still haven't seen the movie... we've been so busy! It seems like every other day we're driving out to my parent's house for "band practice" because we're playing a gig on Saturday night and are so unprepared. My youngest brother (our guitarist) happens to have more important things to do (like go to college) and can't make it down for the weekend, so I am filling in for him. I haven't played the guitar since high school, and even then my skills weren't anything to brag about.

Understatement: It's been interesting.

Plus, it snowed. REAL snow. Not just snow on the mountains or kind-of-solid rain:

This means I have to get my snow tires put on, which in turn means I probably won't be able to buy any new clothes for a while. But I'm working on that (after all, this also means that I need to ramp up the search for a satisfactory winter coat).


  1. I love OWLS! And therefore I love that necklace! Did you get the pendant at Michaels? If so, I have to run there and find one for myself for my own little owl DIY!

  2. Hi Caitlyn! I followed you here from weardrobe...and what a treat! Love the blog. This outfit is my favorite!!!

  3. the texture on your fur collar is my favorite; thanks for sharing! xo