Tuesday, November 3, 2009

lace tights on a tuesday

I feel a little bit Addams Family today. Maybe I should have saved the skeletal black lace tights for Wednesday. Everything about this outfit is eerie -- much darker than my usual polychromatic palette.

Maybe this sudden fascination with the gothic is a side-effect of skipping out on Halloween.

Maybe I'm subconciously inspired by my environment: the tangled dying trees with bony, blackened branches, the lifeless, frozen earth, the cold hands of Death in the breeze...


More likely, it's my desire to:

- wear shoes that are not my ALDO boots
- try out my new lace floral tights
- wear my new cameo necklace
(my first DIY jewelry project since making bracelets out of clothespin springs in high school)

(dress: I want to say Filene's Basement but that could be wrong; tights: TJMaxx; shoes: Madden Girl-Marshalls; feather headband: UO)

I'm pretty proud of my first little DIY jewelry project. I'm certainly no Glamourai--all I did was hang a pendant from a chain (although there were pliers involved!), but this just might be the beginning of a beautiful hobby!

1 comment:

  1. its a beautiful necklace! you did a great job!

    and yes to lace tights! layering them can produce some cool effects, too!