Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today I got up and went to work. I don't have a whole lot to say about it. The neighbors are starting to catch on to the fact that I take pictures of myself in the backyard every day. They are thoroughly confused. People just don't do that sort of thing around here.

My first attempt at this outfit involved my red(dish) Mossimo shoes from Target (years old). The heels have been seriously worn down over the ages and I feel kind of short when I wear them now.

So I switched it up! I ended up wearing my Simply Vera gladiator sandals from Kohls (which I bought on sale after seeing Jessica wear them on What I Wore).

(dress: charlotte russe; shoes: simply vera - kohl's; tights - tjmaxx; scarf - tjmaxx; necklace: DIY; bracelet: antique, gift)

And I'm off! Monday night I made pumpkin and red lentil soup (with regular-colored lentils, so it doesn't look as pretty as perhaps it could) and I'm loving the leftovers!

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  1. What a great way to wear your scarf! I love it so much and might have to try this out myself (NO, I am going to have to try this out myself)!

    haha my neighbors are confused too (and I live in Boston, where weird things happen ALL the time!).


    P.S. Love lentil soup!! How do you make red lentil soup? I have only made regular lentil soup... oh wait was this a stupid question? LOL