Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I really like the way that my outfit just fell into place this morning (although the same can not be said for my hair... ever try teasing semi-damp locks in a frustrated effort to avoid dreaded flat-head? Here's a clue: don't bother).

I started with my gray striped dress (because I love it), but I knew I wanted to mix it up a little because it can border on bland when it stands alone.
The skirt is another one of those old favorites that I stole from my mother and hemmed to high heaven (I brought it up to knee-length last fall but since decided that it needed another lift). It might actually be my favorite of the three skirts I "salvaged"... I absolutely adore the classic brown herringbone print.

Finally I threw on my red tights, but felt that there wasn't enough of a difference between the first time I wore this dress and this supposed "remix," so I took the wise Lindsay's suggestion and overlaid them with my black lace for a lovely layered look! Pretty awesome :)

Originally I was also wearing my UO "Je t'aime" necklace but the damn thing busts a link every time I put it on and I didn't have the time/patience to baby it this morning... UO, je ne t'aime pas aujourd'hui.

(dress: H&M; skirt: vintage; tights: HUE & TJMaxx; boots: ALDO; rings: Minion)


  1. I really have to try the doubling of solid tights with lace tights- this looks fantastic!! Love this whole look!


  2. I love, love, love this look!! ;) I'm so inspired by this layered red/black tight! It definitely something I will be attempting soon!



  3. awesome hair,adorable boots and lovely ur stripped shirt.