Wednesday, November 18, 2009

devil in a blue dress*

*or as a co-worker called it at the coffee machine this morning: "frou-frou dress"

And the Devil's in the Details:

I bought this dress (last Christmas!) from vjones1 on etsy (actually at the same time that I purchased this one), but while the mod yellow&black polyester made her debut and became acquainted with the world, this lovely lacy dress simply became acquainted with my closet. I couldn't quite imagine an appropriate occasion for her to make her appearance. I mean, the dress is kind of ... yes, frou-frou. And the voluminous sleeves? Rather frightening.

So what's the occasion? It's just about time, that's all.

And for the benefit of anyone who may or may not have made an inapropos Star Wars reference this morning after glimpsing my braids, I would like to point out that Princess Leia did not wear her hair this way.

The above are most definitely "buns." Not braids. Previous references to lederhosen and the intentional overuse of "yah?", though still unnecessary, were perhaps more apt.


  1. Your hair is awesome here! And your dress is simply stunning! Well done! You can't see me, but I'm clapping! :0)

    Adored Austin adores you!

  2. love the dress, love the braids. also, your hair is totally giving me bang envy!