Tuesday, October 27, 2009

damn you for being sooo easygoing

Last night's show was incredible! K and I have been listening to St. Vincent's album pretty much nonstop for the past couple of days, and it was really cool to actually know all of the songs! She is so adorable and talented, I'm a little jealous :) My only complaint: her violinist's hair was pretty ridiculous.

But lovely as she was, Andrew Bird just blew me away...

In terms of sheer, brilliant technique and unrivaled originality, he takes the cake. And the ice cream. Where St. Vincent's electronic accompaniments sometimes seemed slightly canned and sterile, A. Bird's violin loops (while recorded, technically) could hardly be distinguished from his actual playing and gave the whole set a richness and complexity that only a small orchestra could recreate. Highlight: the moustached triangle player rocking out all over the stage.

It was a lot of fun but we didn't get home until late-late, because 1) Musicians are way too cool to start shows "on time," 2) Afterwards, I had to get gas and pump up my tire (again... it goes flat every three days), 3) K and S desperately needed to stop at McDonalds (and apparently so did everybody else who had been at the show, so that took forever)... so I was BEAT. The last thing I wanted to do was take blogger photos this morning because I feel like I have the swine or something...

But I did! I should get an award or something. OH WAIT, I did (more on that in a minute because it deserves its very own post)!

I got this dress a long time ago from vjones1 on etsy, where it was described as a "vintage reconstructed avant garde wallpaper dress." I just thought it was kind of Mod.

In the past I've worn it with my knee-high black boots but the look is a little too go-go dancer for me.

I bought the belt from Steve Madden when I purchased my sky-high tan&gold gladiator heels because I needed to buy something for $10 or spend $10 on shipping and the belt was on sale. It's a little big (I think it has stretched) and the buckle just looks shiny&enormous on me so it kind of defeats the purpose of the waist-cinching belt. Solution: Backwards!

There are only a couple of problems I have with this dress. 1) it's polyester, 2) it's a liiiittle too long for my liking. I'm super short so skirts have to be just the right length to keep me from looking stumpy. If I were A) less lazy and/or B) a more talented seamstress I might attempt to hike the hem further skyward, but I like how the yellow stripe lines the bottom and hemming to the next level of stripes would usher me into the realm of the scandalous.

(dress: vjones1 on etsy; belt: backwards Steve Madden; shoes: DSW)

EDIT: GAH! somehow i unposted this entry...

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