Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i'm with the band

Tonight K and I are going to a rock n roll show, so I've put on my band uniform :)

I've allowed my outerwear to go the way of mismatched plaid&paisley-esque because I've been wanting to wear this plaid blazer for a long time and I couldn't take it any more! I stole it from my mother.
(dress: UO; shoes: marshalls; blazer: mom's; belt: thrifted; scarf: vintage anne klein, etsy)
It's rare that bands we want to see come out here to VT--because, lets face it, would you? Sometimes they stop in en route to Montreal or Boston or New York or ... you get the idea. Anyway, I'm super excited to see Portugal the Man. We caught the tail end of their set when we went to see Minus the Bear in Oregon last year, and I have to say I thought they were better than the Bear! I'm not even remotely a hipster (despite my best efforts to seem cool sometimes) and I'm not one of those enviable up-to-the-minute music mavens who knows all kinds of obscurely awesome bands and regularly goes to shows and bobs her head and drinks PBR. Non, ce n'est pas moi. K, however, is one of those people, and tries very hard to educate me (by way of pop-quiz questions a la "What band is this? If you don't guess this I'm never speaking to you again" when certain super-famous bands from bygone eras come on the radio). I always fail. I don't play the name game. But I do know what I like and I do like to see good bands sing and sweat and slam on their guitars. So we go to shows when we can.

This weekend we will be attending a very different sort of show :) More on that later...

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  1. You should mention that the plaid jacket is actually from MY mom (your grammy), and has a matching pleated skirt circa 1945. It came with a raw silk blouse that reminds me a little of the awesome number you were wearing with your capelet...from your mom