Friday, October 23, 2009

coming 'round the bend

I want to take a trip on a train. I'm hoping that I can convince K to ride the train into Boston with me to see the Nutcracker Ballet when the snow starts falling.

(dress: F21; FRANCE shirt: UO; scarf: vintage; boots: ALDO; je t'aime necklace: UO, braid: Alexander Wang)

I'm trying out the Alexander Wang braid today... I figure my long, perpetually messy and frizz-fest head of hair was just dying to follow that trend... although somehow it manages to look not quite messy enough for this look. Funny how that works. Not funny ha-ha, either. I'm also sporting a red lip (I blended a lipstick that was fire-engine red (aka too red) with one that was too purple to get a satisfactory shade. Still on the lookout for a nice, deep red that makes me look more classy than clownish.

These train tracks run alongside the road across from our Barn and I like to watch it roll by out our bedroom window. There is something so soothing about a chugging train... even if the sudden, thunderous whistle bursts do break through that reverie.


  1. Wow, these pictures are wonderful and your outfit is so adorable! I love your yellow dress and your hair and make-up look amazing. Ok, so basically I think this whole look is perfect!! :)