Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! This is not exactly an intentional dismissal of the Haunted Holiday, but my costume has not yet (and may never) see the light of day (or the dark of night, for that matter). The hostess of the Halloween party that K and I were planning to attend was taken down with the swine flu and we just didn't really care enough to find an alternative.

This is what I wore yesterday. I didn't have time to take photos in the morning, so I took them after work. My parents took K and I (and my brother) out to dinner for my birthday and there were funny stories galore (as always). I'm lucky to have a really fabulous family that I actually enjoy spending time with.
After dinner K and I didn't want to just go home, so we went to the Savoy to see "A Serious Man" (the new Cohen brothers movie). It was good but not amazing... the novelty of its subtle humor and poignancy of its sadness began to thin as the movie stretched on and it just made the film seem a little shallow. I still enjoyed it, and I would like to say that I think I may have identified with it more if I were Jewish, but that's probably not the problem... I'll just have to settle for disagreeing with those critics who are throwing the word "Masterpiece" around.

(dress: H&M; tights: Ralph Lauren (TJMaxx); boots: ALDO; coat: thrifted; necklace: vintage)
In case you're wondering... this was supposed to be my Halloween costume:

And a little something scary that happens to me almost every day -- my camera falls off the tripod. When that happens it looks like this:

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