Friday, October 30, 2009

Every year K and I carve a pumpkin. This year, we went a little crazy and carved TWO! After our apple-picking adventure we swung by Settlement Farms and picked up a couple of misshapen gourds. His and Hers, if you will:

We were aiming for appropriate proportions (since he's so tall and lean and I'm so short and... round? Don't worry, my body image isn't that distorted...)

I get kind of intense about crafty projects, and pumpkin-carving just happens to fall into the category of my various useless skills. I get bossy when I think K isn't scooping, drawing, or carving in exactly the most efficient and artistic manner. Luckily I had a little bit of wine to chill me out, but that didn't stop me from attacking my poor pumpkin with a mix of concentrated precision and wild abandon.

As one who hunts not only for sport but for food, we saved *most* of the pumpkin seeds, salted, and baked them for a little snack. K did the honors. I love a man in an oven mitt :)

Additionally, I got one stubby little pumpkin to cook with. I plan to make the delicious pumpkin & red lentil soup that I made last year when I find a little time!

**Disclaimer: these are not in any way supposed to be self-portraits or reflections of our true nature. The only resemblance to K or I is the size. He is not a sleazy, moustached, raging pirate and I am not a saucy vampire pumpkin whore ("whourd" if you will... I crack myself up).

***Disclaimer #2: I make no apologies for my un-stylish pumpkin-carving get-up.

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