Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Amy, this is how happy you made me!


1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award.

Well that is a no-brainer and a half! Thank you, thank you, thank you to Amy of The Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire for nominating me for this award! Amy is a really stylish girl, but don't take my word for it, go see for yourself! It seems like every day she's wearing something that I suddenly feel my closet is incomplete without. I'm super new at the business of blogging, but Amy is always leaving encouraging comments here that inspire me to keep on keeping on. Thank you for your great positive energy--I love your blog and I'm glad you like mine, too!

2. Copy the award & place it on my blog.

(see above)

3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award.

4. Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself.

1. I was a film major in college and thought that one day I would be writing screenplays in Hollywood. Except I don't want to live in Hollywood.

2. I work for a company that publishes scientific journals. I got a C in AP Biology.

3. I am only 5'2" and I am rarely spotted without a pair of high heels.

4. I bite my fingernails, but I try to stop myself by painting them. That turns into a polish-picking habit, which isn't much more attractive.

5. I am a vegetarian and have been since my parents slaughtered our pet pig, Hammy, when I was very young (~7 yrs old), though I sometimes crave hotdogs (esp. at baseball games). K desperately wants me to eat meat and once even snuck a bunch of shrimp in my jalepeno quesadilla (I still can't believe I didn't notice...)

6. I loooooooooove to travel and would do it much more often if I could stop spending money on shoes and actually afford it. I've been to France, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, England (for one night), Italy, Morocco, St. Maarten (Caribbean) and of course, Canada. However, the Travel Gods curse me every time I leave the state... I even thought about blogging entirely about my misadventures in globe-trotting.

7. I have a very lovely boyfriend who tolerates my theatrics considerably well (though not my bad driving) and is very stylish in his own right.

5. Nominate 7 bloggers and 6. Post links to the 7 blogs I nominate.

1. Adored Austin

7. All the rest of the beautiful bloggers out there! (that's you)

Ready, Go!


  1. Okay first off, THANK YOU. I didn't know you had a blog and I especially didn't know you read mine!! I'm loving your blog and learning so much about you through it (where did this fabulous fashion sense come from?!) and gah, I wish we could hang out more! xoxo

  2. Aww you are the sweetest!! Thank you so much for your kind words! I absolutely feel the same way about my closet every time I check out your outfits. You are always adorable!

    Love the 7 things about you- it is so great to get to know you better. :)


  3. Fun answers. You've been nominated twice just so you know... I couldn't help myself. And yes, Amy is a sweet dahhhling!