Wednesday, October 21, 2009

about last night...

I think it's official... a week before the commencement of my 24th year and I am already an old lady. The show last night was great, I'm really glad we went. We got there a little late and missed the first band, Drug Rug, but we were just in time for the Portland-based youngsters hockey to wow us with their funky dance jams.

They were fantastic, albeit creatively underdeveloped, but I have no doubt they will grow into their style as time goes on... they just released their very first album. My only complaint would be the brief interlude in which they suddenly decided to mimic Bob Dylan--random? Hell yes. It didn't work, kids. You'd be better off incorporating the harmonica (always awesome) into those dance jams we were talking about.

They do need to get a better sound technician at Higher Ground, however, because the past couple of shows were just not quite right. We went to see the multi-instrumental Welsh indie band Los Campesinos! a few months ago and it was difficult to enjoy the inspired discord because the sound wasn't properly balanced and the cacophony just kind of battered and bludgeoned my aurally-inexperienced eardrums.

The sad thing is, I think this band was actually good. Anyway, perhaps I'm being too harsh. The sound last night was pretty good, and P.the Man rocked it. The stage was dark, which was actually kind of a refreshing change from all other indie rock bands that seem to scream, "look at me! look at how hip my clothes are! look at my funny moustache and my tighttight jeans!" For most of the set they just jammed the hell out of their songs, renouncing any recognizable tune for the sake of stellar solos and long, rocking riffs.

So why am I an old lady, you ask? You were out rocking at a rock and roll show until 1 AM! (you say). You must still be possessed by a youthful spirit! (you insist). We got home from the show at 1 AM, and I crashed. I was even kind of crashing while we were at the show. For a while I may even have pretended that my eyes were closed because I was so into the music. And this morning I rolled out of bed, didn't even glance at the shower, threw on some clothes that I knew I would love no matter what, forgot to take my vitamins (I need one of those days-of-the-week pill boxes) and hustled myself out the door. My eyes still don't want to open fully and I think I picked up a head cold. But I got one thing right--I do love this outfit:
I am going to wear this ruffled blouse as much as I possibly can until it is deemed absolutely, unquestionably uncool. Which will be never. Or until it falls apart, which might be soon.
I got the little fur (favorite #1) and paisley (favorite #2) coat (shrug? capelet?) at One More Time consignment shop in Montpelier and paid too much because it was too awesome to pass up.
I also got the beautiful woven purse there and i lovelove it.
Tonight? Pizza and "band rehearsal" at the homestead (for that show I mentioned... elaboration still to come).

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  1. I do love this outfit too!! OMG, I want that paisley jacket- way TOO cute!! Glad to hear you had a great time at the show (and trust me I know how it goes to be an old lady- I give you props for 1 am).

    Hope you feel better!