Friday, October 30, 2009

another fantastic foray into fauna

I just stumbled across this brilliance on Delightfully Tacky today and was summarily stricken by deep longing. Not just for this girl's incredibly sky-high curly locks (though I wouldn't mind [correction: I would die for] that kind of voluminous vertex), but the Wild Things collection at Open Ceremony is beyond inspired. K, my affections have temporarily been reassigned and may be missing until I somehow manage to incorporate a version of one of these visions into my wardrobe (I still owe Jo-Ann a visit from the last time animalistic accessorizing captured my attention).

Yeah. Fur skirt = necessity. Immediately. The fur dress might be a little more difficult for me to pull off. I'd probably end up looking like a gerbil. And those aren't very wild, they're just weird and creepy.

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