Thursday, October 1, 2009

the reds have it!

I've been thinking about dying my hair for a while now, which is a big deal considering that I have never done so before. The novelty of my bangs has worn off and drastic measures are required to keep my hair happy. Over the past few months, my hair has been depressed. Flat, frizzy, frustrated... and why? Yes, because my hair is jealous:

If I were to dye, I think I would definitely go down the dark red road... more of an auburn red than a golden orange (not sure I'm brave enough for that, though it does look fabulous on Jenny):

I don't know! It's a frightening thought! But if I went red now I could be Joan for Halloween :)

My biggest concern is the upkeep... I'm worried that I'll end up with inches of brown spreading slowly over my scalp because I can't afford a decent touch-up every-however-often they are necessary. I've never been very good about taking care of my hair and now that it's long the amount of time and energy and money spent on cutting and washing and styling puts me pretty much at capacity... and it still looks like a rat's nest all the time! *sigh* I could use some tips... or a personal hairstylist. The day before the wedding I had it cut by Robert at Indigo Salon in Burlington... it took over an hour (for a trim!) but he styled the high hot hell out of it and it bounced like it has never bounced before.

See? It's looking a little bit livelier than usual! ... but it's still brown.

I'm just sayin'.

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  1. Oh my gosh! You're hilarious! That paint picture has me cracking up! :0)