Monday, November 2, 2009

lipstick on my coffee cup

It's November! Winter will start settling in soon... it was a frosty, frosty morning.

I'm feeling very bohemian today with all of my colorful clashing prints. I bought this dress my senior year of college on what may have been my first major shopping spree (I was actually shopping for a graduation dress and walked out of the Gap with three unnecessary brand-new spring frocks--one of which I did end up wearing under my gown, rendering it invisible for the entire day).

This blog has made me realize that I'm not necessarily as adventurous with my attire as I originally thought! I mean, seriously... do I own any other shoes? I wear these boots every single day! I feel the need to put on the record that I do have a lot of shoes. But it's cold outside and these boots are so comfortable and they really do go with everything.

Lately I've realized that my closet's weakness is the lack of any really versatile basics. I have been on a quest for a couple of pairs of skinny jeans for some time now (so I can tuck them into these boots!) but it's nearly impossible to find a pair that fits my short skinny legs without bunching at the knees, extending several inches beyond my ankles or slipping over my bum when I bend over. Skinny jeans aside, it's really painful for me to drop dollars on basics that look so boring on their own. Though I may covet a closet crammed full of colorful cardigans, when it comes right down to it I'll almost always opt for a pretty dress and a pair of tights over a sweater that can't possibly look good on its own.

I'm definitely one of those people with a closet full of novelty items and nothing to tie them together. So that's something I need to work on.

This weekend I did invest in one basic item that I'm rather pleased with: the red lipstick. I got it at M.A.C. and it's called "Dare You." I never thought I'd have the guts to sport something so bold in public (secret revealed: usually the lipstick mixture I've tried out in a few past posts didn't last long after the photo session), but since I bought it I haven't left the house without it! I feel as if I've filled a great void in my life! (Okay, maybe not my life... a great void in my face?)

Happy November--there's a full moon on the rise!


  1. I have the same problems with basics. I find it hard to dish out $20 for a plain shirt or whatever, but then when I need one I am like, "why don't I have any black tees?"

    This outfit is adorable- very bohemian chic! I love that dress and I love how you transforming into a great fall dress by adding the green tights and mustard cardigan. Very nice!!


  2. LOVE this outfit, and I think I have those same boots! I bought tights from Hue after seeing the cool colors on this blog, but I'm in LA right now and it's TOO DANG HOT to wear them... sob. Can't wait to get back to Portland...

  3. Hey- I have a great product for keeping your jeans tucked in to your boots. Available soon!

  4. I know exactly what you mean about basics! I go to AA and make a cart on their website at least once a month, but when i see how much it's going to cost, i get disgusted and go and buy a fancy dress instead.

    and no matter how many shoes a girl has, there will always be favorites! rock those boots!