Thursday, September 23, 2010

gorillas in the greenery

So, in hindsight, wearing green in a dense overgrowth of vibrant greenery was probably not the most brilliant idea I've ever had. To be fair, my brain doesn't start working until I have coffee. Also, my blogging frustrations hit fever pitch this morning when I discovered that a) my camera battery was dead, b) when I finally rushed out to the field with my camera after a ten-minute supercharge, some lady was walking her dogs there and c) I was already late for work. Whine, whine, complain, complain, moving on! It all worked out. This outfit was inspired by two things: my new polka dot socks, which I adore, and my green wool jumper, which I also adore. I've been stumbling around in my head trying to find a way to wear these socks without resorting to basic browns and blahs, and I think there is enough pattern mixing here (striped shirt, paisley scarf, polka dots...and color--green!) to keep it from falling flat. Expect to see great things from these polka dot socks in the future:

I've taken to wearing my socks inside out and folding them down. This works fairly well, but I'm still on the lookout for lots of pretty bobbysocks that are designed to turn down like this.

(jumper: SnapVintage via etsy; shirt: UO; scarf/belt: Bargain Boutique; socks: TJMaxx; shoes: Seychelles)

The fog this morning was really cool. Vermont is "The Green Mountain State," and they weren't kidding when they coined the phrase ("Vermont" even comes from the French Vert-Mont, which means green mountain), so when the fog descends over the mountains it's reminiscent of a rainforest. I felt like a Gorilla in the Mist.


  1. You need to be a designer for U.O.I feel like your style always perfectly emulates the U.O. models. Please style for them ASAP.

  2. Haha, I love the picture with the gorrillas! The socks are very cute, though I have to giggle a bit about socks being the centre of an outfit. I'm on the lookout for some cute pairs myself.

    Thank you for your comment about consumerism. I completely identify with what you said. I find myself frequently feeling bad about how much I buy (and how much stuff I have back at my parents' house, sitting in boxes. And then I justify it by saying that I don't really accumulate other stuff much, clothes are my weakness. I'm glad to know other people struggle with this too, it seems like many fashion bloggers are a vapid group, simply snapping after the next purchase.

  3. I like this oufit, that jumper is such a good colour. I think ankle socks look really sweet but I can never decide how to wear them either.

  4. Cute shoes!