Monday, September 20, 2010

open call: happiness!

I think I'm going to be channeling the seventies vibe as we fade into fall this week. My weekend did not go as planned and I'm actually rather glad that it is Monday (never thought I'd see the day!). The highlight was a quick little nacho-and-dacquiri dinner at Julio's with my mom last night--mom, you always make me feel better, thanks!! Speaking of my mom, this is her sweater, which I unabashedly stole.

(sweater: mom's; jeans: PacSun; shoes: Seychelles; glasses: F21)

I'm in need of some positivity today. I'd love for you all to leave a comment with something that make you very very happy, or a story from a very happy time in your life!


  1. I am so jealous of your glasses. I've always wanted glasses & these have to be the coolest ones around! And those boots are making me drool right now.

    What makes me very happy: drinking PBJ smoothies. Seriously.. try it!

  2. Oh girl, you'd fit right in "The 70's show" next to Kelso with this outfit!! Hehe, I love it!

    PS: You're right, let's not judge these teenage girls for loving JBiebs... but I've been thinking... will these girls still like him in, say, 10 years when he'll still be this small? That kid doesn't grow, I swear!

    Have a lovely Monday! :)


  3. Outfit components stolen from moms are the best! Oh, and happiness is: eating while travelling. Whether sipping too-hot tea on the bus or eating gingerbread on a train in Germany, I love the feeling of going someplace, accompanied by comfort food.

    I've got a GIVEAWAY going on, if you're interested...

  4. I love love that sweater! I was just talking in my last post that I feel like I'm channeling the seventies with my fall outfits lately as well, so yay for that!

    Somethings that make me happy are drinking pumpkin spice lattes and going for walks in crunchy leaves. So lovely :)

  5. Awesome outfit, I love the 70's for fall!

    Even if I have a terrible day at work, I'm always cheered up when I walk in my front door and am met by my two cats. They're always ready to be held and snuggled, it makes me feel better (and happy!).

  6. Curling up in a pile of blankets reading a long anticipated book with a cup of tea and some homemade carrot cake.