Thursday, September 2, 2010

Okay, so [not] funny story: I've been driving on my winter tires all summer because I'm too broke to buy new ones (Michelin, want to sponsor my blog??), and they're starting to get a little soft a little more often than I'd like. Anyway, this morning I went to the gas station to pump them full of air and put my wallet on top of my car. And then I drove off. It wasn't until I got to work that I realize I was sans wallet (and credit cards, cash, driver's license, checking account information...). It could have been very bad. I tried calling K to see if he could go rummage around by the on-ramp to I-89 and find it, but he didn't answer. Seconds later, I received a phone call from a good samaritan, who had found my wallet in many pieces on the side of the road and wanted to bring it to me!!! I love Vermonters.

(tunic: TJMaxx; shoes: Seychelles; glasses: f21)

This is very good news for many reasons (not least of which is that my identity is intact and hasn't been stolen, although god bless anybody who attempts to steal my identity--probably not worth the trouble), but I have to say that this woman almost single-handedly reaffirmed that all is not lost, that there are still good people out there doing good deeds on Thursday mornings for complete strangers. And she didn't even take the cash from the wallet I offered as a reward for kindheartedness. So there you go.

Tonight, I will be emptying said wallet at the movie theatre! It's a rare treat that we go to the movies (or do much of anything) on a Thursday, since we have to save our fun for the weekends, but tonight is the last showing of Bill Murray's new movie, Get Low, and we're making an exception. This long weekend is off to a great start! (Or, it will be...)


  1. You are so lucky! What a nice person!

    Lovely boots by the way


  2. that is so awesome the lady returned your wallet! stuff like that rarely happens but i always want to be that kind of person.

  3. sometimes you can rely on the kindness of strangers

  4. it is really good to hear stories like this!