Friday, September 10, 2010

i've got my spy on you

This morning, K told me that I looked like French spy in my trench coat and classic-cut face-shielding sunnies. I took that as a compliment, and though I am not French (trop dommage), I will certainly be spying--on Fashion Week! Someday I might just make it down for a few days of the fashion-related festivities, but until then, I've got my eye distantly trained on that runway!

I got these sunglasses for $4 at Battery Street Jeans when I was too broke to buy groceries last weekend. They are my new favorite. Also, I'm aware that I sport this grungy grey minidress practically every day--what of it? I love it.

(dress: Goodwill, hemmed; slipdress: UO; scarf: Bargain Boutique; sunglasses: Battery Street Jeans; shoes: Seychelles)

K and I don't have any major plans for the weekend, but I do want to do some serious thrifting. After so many days spent scraping the bottom of my bank account, my recent paycheck is burning a hole in my pocket!! We need some curtains and furniture for the apartment, and I would like to buy a few new wool skirts/warm tights/blouses for the upcoming A/W season!


  1. I love this look sooo much...I always love the European Chic looks...I really need to start wearing scarves more!