Wednesday, September 1, 2010

lace in your face

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. A beautiful day for a neighbor.

(lace shirt: Savers; shorts/belt: Bargain Boutique; necklace: antique shop; shoes: Seychelles)

When K and I went to Boston to buy wedding clothes (and I bought a trench coat instead), this was my only other purpose. As we were leaving town, I spotted a Savers up ahead and we had to stop. I'd never been to Savers before, but Indiana always scores big when she goes thrifting there so I knew it had to be good. Since I didn't have any money to spend I was being particularly picky about what I pulled off the racks, and didn't end up trying anything on. Then, when K and I reconvened in the center of the store after his-and-hers browsing, I glanced down and spotted this lovely lacy top on the rack from where I stood. It was the shopping equivalent of Wheel of Fortune, and boy, did I get lucky! I didn't even try it on (a rarity in my shopping experience), but it was only $5 and I've been looking hither and thither for a lace top at a my-size price... so I bought it! Wahoo! You can bet I'll be wearing the life out of it this fall.

Unfortunately, it appears that I have already worn the life out of my Bargain Boutique shorts. When I pulled them out of the closet this morning, the button was mysteriously missing (mysterious because it was not missing when they went into the closet). I mean, I know I get a little rough with my clothes when I'm frantically rifling through them while searching for a particular piece, but to unknowingly de-button a pretty sturdy pair of shorts? Just sayin'. I think I might have a poltergeist with a wide waistline (and a penchant for stealing brown socks... one of mine is missing a mate).

I've got a realllllly long weekend coming up and I. Cannot. Wait. After all my laboring, I deserve a break--and so do you!


  1. Sigh, would love to talk to you. Dad and I are going to Quebec City for our long weekend, what about you?

  2. you are so stylish. you've also got great legs. im so jealous.