Thursday, September 30, 2010

you gonna burn it out to the wick

I *heart* this dress. Ha-ha. Get it?

(dress: Filene's Basement; cardigan: H&M; tights: TJMaxx; belt: thrifted; shoes: Seychelles)

I feel like an old woman... luckily this dress counteracts my condition by making me look about five years old. Why do I feel elderly today? Well, number 1: I got some new scented deodorant (usually I go unscented but for some reason I had a sense-lapse), which claims to be made with honeysuckle and tea tree oil. That's all well and good, but the powdery-puff scent that results makes me feel a little bit like grandma. More importantly, K and I went to a rock and roll show last night (more on that later) and halfway through I was ready to go home and tuck myself in (luckily the show was awesome enough to convince me to stay). Besides all that, in almost exactly one month I will be 25 years old--pretty ancient. I'm having some difficulty coping with that upcoming milestone.
See how I wore this dress on Valentine's Day (here).


  1. I often feel like a grandma myself, particularly at shows. Cute little dress and I really like the Valentine's Day styling too!