Wednesday, May 26, 2010

wormhole wednesday

When I was in eighth grade my friend S and I did a project on wormholes for science class. This may or may not have been one of the most pivotal moments of my life--in fact, my existence could quite possibly be divided into two halves: BW (before wormholes) and AW (after wormholes). Before that project I was not unaware of the concept of space and time (we had studied the solar system like all other elementary and middle school students), but my primary concern was navigating my middle school universe, and both of my feet were firmly planted on Planet Adolescence.

BW, my time was not spent philosophizing about the cosmos and my place or purpose in it. Like most thirteen-year-old girls, mine was a very ego-centric universe. Most of my days were spent constructing entire villages of paper dolls by cutting pictures of models out of magazines and dreaming up entire lifelines and complicated relationships for them, or directing my brothers and the neighborhood kids in dramatic reproductions of Disney movies and/or original plays (clearly I enjoyed elevating myself to a God-like status by exercising control over the world around me.)

But that's neither here nor there. The point is, ever since that day I've been fascinated by the innerworkings of our immense macrocosm and the symmetrical Pythagoran systems that govern both our physical bodies and the celestial sphere. Wormholes were just the beginning. That project was literally a gateway to another world for me--a metaphysical plane that ran parallel to both science and religion and fused the two disciplines forever in my mind.

My science teacher was arrested later that year when fields of marijuana were found behind his house. We had a substitute for the remainder of the semester, and all of the girls had crushes on him because he was young, had nice teeth (one of the questions on his final exam was: "Why are my teeth so perfectly straight and white?"--no joke) and let us play frisbee during class. I thought he was a complete tool--I had clearly transcended the plane of the average middle school experience when I passed through that wormhole project, enlightened.

What was the point of all that, you ask? Nothing, really. These tunnels are kind of reminiscent of wormholes & sent me spiraling backward through time.

Back to the Present: I got this tres adorable little shirt at Battery Street Jeans in Burlington.

This is the perfect "summer's here!" ensemble. It's been upward of ninety degrees all week, which is hot hot hot for little Vermont! Speaking of hot, these shorts are perhaps a little bit too hot-pants for work, but I say phooey to that. The shirt provides enough coverage that the lotta-leg look isn't overwhelmingly provocative, n'est-ce pas?

(shirt: BSJ; shorts; Bargain Basement; shoes: Marshall's; sunnies: UO)


  1. I've never heard of wormholes, but I should look into them hehe

  2. very very adorable outfit, and I love your hairstyle! The tunnel in the picture reminded me of one of the harry potter books...=X

  3. Oh man I miss Battery street jeans... I had so many great finds there! ughhhh... I have got to get myself back to Burlington... I miss Vermont! I can't believe it was a year ago I moved away!

    On a non-weird/less personal note that's a super adorable shirt!

    I love pondering about worm holes and the space time continuum... its fascinating business no matter what age!

  4. love the details on the blouse. And hilarious story!

  5. love it. love the shoes you paired the shorts with. And yes, the top is perfect for summer weather. LOVE your story. And the tunnel is cool. You sound like you had some awesome adolescent/childhood games. FUN. It seems like you should be directing stage plays!!

    Oh, and yes, the science teacher does sound like a tool. Can't believe that about the teeth question! Gag.