Tuesday, May 4, 2010

frou-frou choo-choo

I love living by the railroad tracks. It's kind of funny that we've just moved further down the line... from here:

to here:

...we're still well within listening distance of the chugging and the chirping of late-night train calls.

I wore this on Sunday. K and I spent some quality time thrifting in an effort to make up for Saturday's failed attempt at antiquing (which wasn't a complete bust, since I did pick up this cute little "makeup case" [aka, purse]):

...and enjoying a summer-weather favorite by the Burlington waterfront: creemees!

I wanted to wear this dress with cognac-colored oxford heels, but alas--I have none. The only pair of oxfords I have are open-toe, and they just looked too strange with the (essential!) white socks. So, Vera Wang wins again.

I went for a really long, satisfying run this morning. It's a wonderful feeling--like I'm finally getting some clean air into my body after sitting cooped up in a cubicle all day long.

I used to looooooove sleeping all day (and I do mean all day), but lately if I sleep past 9:30 my body starts aching and I feel like I'm wasting my life. Maybe because waking weekend hours really do feel like all of the life I get these days. I would really like to start getting up at 6 AM every morning--maybe doing some yoga, relaxing with a cup of tea, going for a run when I feel like it, savoring a bountiful breakfast--one of the things I hate most in the world is feeling rushed, and my schizophrenic sleep schedule inevitably ensures that I'm always waking up too late to relax through my morning routine.

We'll see, maybe I'll give it a shot. Next week :)

(dress: consignment; slipdress/hat: UO; socks/shoes: Kohl's; purse: antique)

PS: In order to get clear photos with nice contrast, I was forced to sacrifice the beautiful mountainous backdrop. So although it has been banished to the bottom of this post, I still feel it is necessary to include a dark&dreary rendering of Camel's Hump on that lazy, hazy Sunday morning:


  1. love the color of your dress

    I truly am a morning person, but it is really hard to be one at college. this summer I'd love to get up at 6am daily. I find myself most happy when I am really productive (not busy really, but feeling "accomplished") and usually I need to get up early to do that. Plus I find I feel gross and over tired all day long if I sleep past 930

  2. great outfits, lovely photos! I really love the yellow dress

  3. I adore railway pictures, they look so retro cool, just like your amazing dress!

  4. Love all your hats lately! The dress is super pretty too! I live right by the railroad tracks, so close that my condo shakes and vibrates when the train comes by, I'm used to it but guests are always disturbed by it!

  5. Love the train tracks. There's something nostalgic about them. Sweeeet dress, too!

  6. 我們不是因為快樂而歌唱,而是唱歌使我們快樂..................................................

  7. these are wonderful photos! i love trains and this photo location looks so romantic and wistful. that purse is lovely! i adore the fact that it exudes country-living.


  8. Your blog is absolutely adorable! As are you!!

    Your have some wonderful outfits too - I love the colour of your dress in these photos.

  9. I love these pictures! The dress is super cute and I love the purse! :)