Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the big dig: an anthropological study of the bargain basement

So sometimes I buy something and then I want to wear it every single day for the rest of my life (sort of like how I discovered this sandwich and now I want to eat it every single day for the rest of my life [this is underway]). The something I am referring to here is this scarf, which, combined with these leopard-print sunglasses, makes me feel like an anthropologist who has recently returned from some remote corner of the world with a bundle of artisan goodies under my arm (just pretend the sunglasses are made out of... antelope bone. Or something). There is something so very tribal about the mix of animal prints and ethnic patterns that I just love.

However, these high-waisted army green shorts shove me over into archaeologist territory. They'd be perfect for squatting around at a dig site, brushing off bits of porcelain or fragments of human skulls (!) and deducing this or that about ancient civilizations. Here I am, very thoughtfully contemplating this ancient iron staircase, preparing to deduce:

(cardigan/shorts/scarf/belt: Bargain Basement; shoes: Kohl's; sunglasses: UO online; shirt: Old Navy)

Did you notice that almost everything I'm wearing came from the Bargain Basement!? I unearth some serious treasure in there every time I enter. It really is like an archaeological dig, minus the careful consideration with which one might handle ancient artifacts. Eh, I suppose that allegorizing my thrifting as archaeology is a bit of a stretch... a more apt comparison might be to a hungry homeless person digging through a dumpster.


  1. I really love the scarf/ cardigan/shorts combo! & that staircase is perfect for outfit photos.. I think you've found your new spot :)

    BTW.. the dress is actually pink! Although it's hard to tell from the pictures because of the lighting :) I know better than to wear white at a wedding!!

  2. i love the archeologist look too. what an inspiring post!

  3. great shorts!

    that sandwich looks like heaven