Thursday, March 18, 2010

nothing but blue skies do i see

The sky was such a beautiful robin's-egg-blue this morning :)

(dress, tights, scarf: Goodwill; belt: thrifted; boots: ALDO)

But anyway--we all know the sky is blue (and my tights are too), so that's enough of that.

I must mention that the lovely Chaucee over at The Searched and Found nominated me for the Happy 101 Award and it made me very happy, indeed! So thank you, Chaucee, you're a doll! :)

Now, because I like breaking the rules (and because I sort of recently listed ten things that make me happy), I will list ten places that it would make me very happy to visit/trips that I would love to take (click photos for links):

1. Inca Trail Trek & Machu Picchu

2. Train tour from Germany to France to Spain to Portugal

3. A relaxing week in Greece

4. An African Safari

5. An Indian River Cruise

6. Camel-riding around the Pyramids in Egypt

7. Turkey & Hungary

6. Czech Republic & Russia

8. The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark

9. The Scottish, English & Welsh countryside

10. Road Trip USA

And, just for the heck of it, one thing that does make me truly, blissfully, incandescently happy:

For three nights in a row now (and tonight, too!) I have been enjoying a grilled vegetable and herbed goat cheese panini for dinner, basically a single-decker version of the one pictured above. It. Is. Divine. Grilled eggplant and sauteed red peppers, zucchini & red onions with balsamic viniagrette... mmm.

What a deliciously wonderful way to ring in the spring!
And now (because I like breaking the rules... told you!), I would like all of YOU (my darling readers) to leave (in the comments) one thing that makes you very happy (or a trip you would happily take).

And with that, here is my scarf:

And my boots:


  1. lovely.
    one thing that makes me happy are my lovely dogs Roxy and Lily. (so technically 2 lol)

  2. Oh, great scarf! & I see your snow is melting.. spring is just around the corner!!

  3. ok, a trip that would make me very happy... right now, I am all about camping out in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Also, that panini has got me salivating.

  4. Moving to California is making me pretty happy right now!

  5. Gorgeous scarf!
    And yes please to all of these trips!
    I'd love a relaxing break to Rarotonga right about now!

  6. I love this outfit...I am obsessed with scarves, and this one is gorgeous.

    I am backpacking all around Europe this summer for one month, so I am very excited about that!