Wednesday, March 3, 2010

born of a burgundy belt

Today's outfit was born because of a lovely burgundy belt. I bought this beauty for fifty cents at the thrift store on Saturday while wandering around Waterbury. I love that place :)

The rest of it just kind of happened because I was late to work (no surprise there...). I've been getting up early so I can be at work by 8 am because I need to leave by 4:30 pm to make my Jazzercise class. It's pretty crazy how much of a difference that half hour makes... it's so much more difficult to drag myself out of bed!
We still haven't heard about our apartment yet... I just want to know where I'm going to be living! The move-in date is less than a month away!


  1. I love skinny belts like this : ) I have a few vintage ones up in my shop right now!

  2. It is a great belt! Goes well with the scarf.

    I know how stressful apartment hunting is. I have to start looking at places cross-country!

    You look cute, as always :)


    Lindsay of My Solitary Consignment

  3. This is a great outfit! I love the layering of the tights AND the sock! Wonderful belt! I just got a very similar belt the other day at a thrift store. When I looked at the inside a few days later I read: "Genuine lizard, Saks Fifth Avenue"!!! Oh, thrifting, what loveliness!


  4. epic skirt! i love it.

    great outfit, as always :D

  5. for some reason these colors together remind me of harry potter, and i love it! You look awesome, especially the socks!

  6. I love how you put everything together - the tights rock! Good luck with the apt. situation.

  7. just found your blog and I love it. you have a great sense of style, love this burgundy belt. I can't wait to see more. would you like to trade links?

  8. Love this! super cute skirt!