Friday, March 5, 2010

just like june

The weekend has almost arrived! Hooray! It's been a long time since I've worn this little dress, mostly because it is, well, little. I got it super-on-sale at Urban Outfitters last year and after one wash (and accidental dry) I shrunk it within an inch of its life (or my life, when I try to breathe in it). Despite its constrictive qualities, I still love the little double-breasted brass buttons and basic silhouette enough to keep wearing it. It's really not too terribly tight except around the shoulders--the cap sleeves are more like tourniquet sleeves at this point.

I also wish that these tights would appear more true-to-color.

They look practically fuschia in these photos but they're actually a very deep raspberry (almost a perfect match with the belt--and the scarf). Matchy-matchy me.

Speaking of matchy-matchy, I also painted my nails a bronze color last night (mostly so that I would stop biting them again, but also with these buttons in mind):

The final touch (and the reason for the "June" reference, since I was certainly not alluding to the back-below-freezing weather this morning), is my new(-ish) brocade swing coat:

I bought this coat (with a little convincing from my mother) at Marshall's while we were waiting for a non-sold-out showing of Avatar (because, of course, shopping is the best way to kill time). I wasn't sure how I felt about it then and I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it now (I wish it were a liiiiittle smaller, swing-or-no), but I did stumble upon this photo of Johnny Cash and June Carter a few weeks ago on this pretty tumblr and was inspired to wear it after all (even if K told me he thought I looked like a curtain, or something equally unflattering):

(dress: UO; scarf/belt: thrifted; tights: Goodwill; shoes: Madden Girl; brocade coat: Marshall's)

I mean, we're practically twins, right??

Have a great weekend, everyone! I know I will :)


  1. I do love that coat!! You look fantastic all matchy matchy. I say, yes, yes, yes to the coat!


  2. the coat is great, ignore curtain naysayers! The outfit underneath is really cute coo, those tights look gorgeous. I love being matchy matchy ;]

  3. i think the coat looks great, and i like the open toes!

  4. Curtain print or not, it looks fabulous!

  5. i love that coat, very JCC! wow

  6. that coat is great and love our dress too.
    I'm following you! You are so cute and love your style


  7. The coat & dress are so adorable - especially with the tights.

  8. I recently found you through Amy's blog and I'm glad I did your so adorable! What great style!

  9. Caitlin, you look adorable! That coat is FANTASTIC!!