Friday, March 26, 2010


I'm so excited!!!!!!!
Last night K and I went to Richmond to see the place in final form and sign over a cool $1900 for first, last, etc. I was a little bit on the fence about the apartment (even when we finally decided on it) because it was... well... dirty when we stopped by to check it out the first time. Apparently the two teenage sons of a single mother were living there while she stayed with her boyfriend, so needless to say a few things (cleanliness being one) slipped through the cracks.

But boy does it clean up nice!

Sure, it still doesn't have hardwood floors... and no woodstove... and we can't have a pet... but so be it. It's big&awesome. And I'm really happy :)

We're going to start shuttling furniture over tonight, and I'm even excited about that. K and I have basically been through two apartments together but we've never actually moved in together. Last time he was still in WA while I found the place, and I drove all of my stuff over (in one trip--pretty impressive) and set up shop while he drove the 3000 miles cross-country and met me there. We then lived there for a full 24 hours with no electricity, which was... interesting. But this time we're really doing it right, from start to finish! I'm pleased :)

So happy Friday, everyone! I'm moving out!
(dress: American Apparel, tights: gift; shoes:; necklaces: antique)


  1. you look beautiful! I love you hair like that! xo

  2. very sophisticated! I love your hair like that!

  3. Wow, love this outfit! So different from usual! Very chic! The necklace is totally awesome.

    And oh, happy moving out! We are moving out too! Tomorrow!


  4. Awesome outfit!!! I'm lovin' the shoes and especially that adorable necklace. Cute blog! :)


  5. I gave you an award at my blog! Check it out here:

    You look gorgeous, btw. :)