Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my resurrection day

Wow. If Blogging were a class I would be failing. Apologies for my absence lately, but there has been a madness in my mind (my head feels a bit like this). I'm still trying to work out my new schedule because I actually have to commute to work now (twenty minutes, boo-hoo, I know), which has made my morning photoshoots... well, not happen. And because I haven't quite figured out how to feel rested/not rushed/on time to work in the morning, my new running shoes have only hit the pavement once in the past week. I think I may have officially (as of today) given up on the idea of AM runs... I'd probably be better off just jogging when I get home from work.

That said, I am a bit behind. This is what I wore for a beautiful Easter Sunday in Portland, CT, where we drank some nice chilled wine, played some serious "Jarts" (I'd never heard of such a thing, but apparently my mom used to play it all the time as a kid--it's probably just another one of those activities that she deemed "too dangerous" or "too traumatizing" [like watching 'Bambi'] for her own brood) and ate some delicious potatoes au gratin, cabbage and rolls (ham and lasagne for those who eat meat), followed by sensationally sweet lemon meringue pie. It has been gloriously sunny&warm for the past few days (it's just starting to cloud over again, but I'm crossing my fingers that it will stay beautiful... I'm so ready for summer!)

I bought this dress on etsy about a year ago and knew that I wanted to wear it for Easter. It's just so spring and pastel and floral... and a little too dressy for everyday use. It is a lovely satin material, which also makes it feel a bit like pajamas.

(dress: SnapVintage on etsy; slip dress: UO; boots: ALDO; socks: TJMaxx; belt: antique; sunglasses: UO; crystal beads: Grammy Flood; ring: mom)

PS: Yeah, yeah. I realize now that I was wearing the ring on the wrong finger.

PPS: Another little news tidbit... as of late Sunday night, I no longer have a nose ring. It is very sad indeed, and I currently look like an ugly troll with a huge wart/pimple/mole on my nose where the ring once was. The swelling is slowly going down, but I left that thing in for far, far too long and it just never healed :(

PPPS: K and I are finally finished with our old apartment and will be gradually filling our new (huge) space. I'm so so so happy with it. Everything is sunny and bright right now (in my life) and I couldn't be more pleased :)

PPPPS: K, thank you for taking these Easter photos, even though I was kind of being frantic &fussy about getting out of the house on time.

I've missed you guys!


  1. glad to have you back, hope the new work schedule calms down and you get used to

    love your skirt!

  2. I'm glad you had a good Easter! I hope your schedule settles down. I like to feel not rushed in the mornings either - it sets a good tone for the rest of the day.

  3. You look stunning! I know what you mean about early morning shoots though. I have a 10 minute walk and I STILL can't find the time between getting ready and leaving to do them. Photos/exercise are best left to the evening.

    Also, no one really sells Jarts anymore because they are more or less a death trap. A fun, fun death trap.

  4. great dress, nice styling.
    i had a nose ring for about 3 months, and ended up having to take it out for a school program. it never healed and i wonder what it would have been like to have it. rip waking life's nose piercing. good news? no scar!

  5. Pretty, pretty dress.
    bummer about your nose ring. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for no scar to appear. Mine did and I dislike it, but I guess I'll never forget I pierced that side at one point in my life. It's my reminder scar.
    glad ur enjoying nesting in your new apt. congrats!

  6. Love this dress. It is so beautiful. Maybe with a plain cardi over top you could wear it for everyday use?

    Sorry about the nose ring. I had the same prob with an eyebrow piercing. It just never healed. I think had I gotten it in gold or silver I wouldn't have had a problem (I am starting to think I am sensitive to anything but fine metals). Perhaps that's what happened?



  7. Hi Caitlin, I found your blog on Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire, who I also just happened upon and Love, and wanted to say that your style & blog is very inspirational and I will be following you!! (I have a scar from a nose ring.. oh the things we do to ourselves..)

    ~ megan
    transmission me