Tuesday, April 20, 2010

chambray another way

A lot changed from Saturday to Sunday, but my love for chambray never wavered.

Change #1: Why yes, thanks for noticing! I finally trimmed my shaggy fringe.

Change #2: I bought new spring shoes!

(I may or may not have quite literally pounced on the display pair of these shoes and maybe, just maybe, glanced furtively around while trying to shield them from the general population... as if some savagely selfish Kohl's shopper would have the nerve to whisk them out from under me. I couldn't help it! They were exactly what I've been looking for! Vera Wang, you have done it again: you've made a young girl's dreams come true two spring seasons in a row [see yesterday's post for my favorite last-summer shoes, also a Vera Wang creation]).

The socks were also purchased in that frenzied trip to Kohl's.

And then... I did just one more bad thing, as evidenced by the photos below:

I bought a bag. But it was yellow! And satchel-esque! (There were a few other bad things, including another bag, a jacket, two more pairs of shoes, ill-fitting leggings [I didn't try them on, assuming that leggings couldn't possibly be too big], and a 60%-off comforter set). I will probably be promptly returning several of those items in an attempt to nurse my credit back to health.

(chambray shirt: Walmart; skirt: vintage; belt/scarf: thrifted; shoes/socks/bag: Kohl's)

PS: For the record, I did indeed wear this shirt two days in a row. However, I was only out of the house for approximately 4-5 hours each day, after which I would change into cozy pajamas and watch movies and drink wine and eat chocolate. Therefore, I really only wore the shirt for a single day-like period. Does that make it right? That was hypothetical--don't answer.

PPS: My Sunday shopping spree resulted in a picnic-ky plaid romper and two belts (to replace the sad belt I wore the day before). It was a much more reasonable outing.


  1. Love love love the chambray shirt! You totally rocked the look with the vintage skirt and the whole socks-with-sandals look. I don't think I'll be able to pull it off, but you did it wonderfully! You look adorable!!!


  2. you wear this skirt so well, I actually featured you wearing it in on my blog yesterday! stop by

  3. Oh, I love shopping sprees. I think I need to let my husband read this post so he feels better about my shopaholic tendencies (being that they are shared by all women and really we can't help it).

    Also, love this outfit. The bag is awesome.

  4. i LOVE the look of chambray but haven't found a way to wear it without feeling like i'm "dressing up"... i truly love the fact that you paired such a light color with chocolate brown. very cute!