Thursday, April 29, 2010

the old man and the sweater

I can't get enough of this hat.

Did you notice that I was MIA from the blogosphere yesterday? Don't answer that. Anyway, there was a quite logical explanation for my absence: I woke up, took one look at the raging blizzard outside my window, and went back to sleep. And then went to work. There was no way I was setting foot outside in the snow. I'm trying not to get too political about it, but winter, I boycott you.

Luckily, by the time I returned home that evening, the sun was shining (albeit setting) and the chill factor was down to a much more endurable level.

Melting snow did drip on me, so in case you were wondering what those weird discolorations on my jeans were... it's water. I promise. I'm not gross enough to take outfit photos with crusty leftover champagne on my pants.

I snatched up this sweater years ago when a good friend of mine was cleaning out her closet for donation, and I've never really worn it in public because it's so bulky. I like it paired with the skinny jeans, flat oxfords and hat because it's just the right balance of casual and classic and keeps it from looking too eighties-early-nineties.

Is it the weekend yet?? I'm really excited because a) I don't have any body-exhausting building projects planned and b) K and I are going to do some serious antiquing for our new apartment :) I love spending a long leisurely day driving through the countryside and dropping in at all of the quiet little shops on the back roads. I might also convince him to do a little bit of regular thrift shopping in town... I'm realizing that the reason I've been sticking to my menswear-inspired looks lately is that I don't have any spring skirts! All of my skirts are wool, which isn't particularly appropriate for eighty-degree weather... so I need to work on acquiring some flirty florals and airy ruffles for the spring and summer seasons.

Also, I must have these shorts:

(TopShop, via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

I may also was to drop in at the fabric store so I can actually start some sewing projects in my spare time! I really want to make this happen! Any tips for sewing satisfactory summer garments? I want these:

(Sally Scott S/S 2010, via Sally Jane Vintage)


  1. awesome sweater! love it paired with the ultra skinny jeans and adorable hat

  2. Constant dripping wears away the stone. 滴水穿石!加油! ....................................................