Wednesday, April 14, 2010

stripes and straps

Man, I'm getting good! This morning I went for a long run and took outfit photos! I didn't think I would be able to do that... ever. Slowly slowly the tectonic plates that make up my earthly existence are shifting into place (sadly the same cannot be said for China... when will it end??)

K and I have been super-busy and productive this week! We haven't even had time to eat dinner until late at night, which is unusual for me because I'm usually ravenous when I burst out of the office at the end of the day. Still, there is something satisfying about slipping into bed with a vodka&grapefruit, a chocolate orange to share, and an episode of 90210 after a long, crazed day. Last night it was particularly pleasant because I bought a bistro table at Christmas Tree Shops on a whim (we were really only supposed to be grocery shopping) and it looked so cute sitting by the bedroom window (which, thanks to K's spontaneous purchase, looks out over an adorable little bird feeder for our feathered friends).

Funny story: there is a flower shop and garden store below our apartment, and the owner has an identical bistro set! I thought it was so precious that I went inside to ask where she got it, and when she said she bought it years ago and neglected to tell me where, I let it go. Surprise! I guess CTS lets their inventory roll over :)

In other news, walking up these stairs...

... in these shoes ...

... is a feat for my feet.


  1. I used to have heels very similar to yours, they're awesome but death defying haha

    what is with these major tectonic catastrophes lately? oh dear

  2. WOW, great outfit! Love how you wore the lace-trimmed tank over the stripes! And the shoes.. To die for..

    ~ megan
    transmission me

  3. this is a lovely lovely outfit! My first thought from the first photo with those gorgeous heels and the stair was "carefully, carefully!" ;]

  4. I love the tank over the turtle neck! So 90's.