Monday, April 12, 2010

life, or something like it

Hi everyone! Life is still a blur... somehow the weekend happened. Where did it go? Oh yeah, K spent all of yesterday crafting a desk and bookcase in my parents' garage while I caught up on all of my mother's back issues of Vogue (the 'rents are in Paris, ces chiens chanceux) and watched really, really bad reality television while drinking white wine spritzers.

The gorgeous, summery, sunny weather that sky-rocketed my spirits (via a chocolate-vanilla twist creemee with rainbow sprinkles, scored with scavenged change from the creemee window right outside my front door) last weekend has been lost in rain and fog for the past week. It's still a sunny day, but I made the mistake of not wearing a coat... and Mr. Sun was only teasing. I did go for a long run this morning (bravo to me, a cowardly soul when it comes to the weather) and the fog was so thick it was as if I were running on a mountain top.

The other big news? The promotion is mine! I got the news last week and have been very pleased ever since... I got a phone and everything! It will be more work, more responsibility and probably more stress (and most importantly--more money for clothes!!) but I feel pretty good about the fact that I've steadily moved up through the ranks since day one (this is the second promotion in a year and a half)... and I'm not done yet!

(shirt/tights: TJMaxx; skirt: AE; belt: thrifted; shoes: Target; bracelet: gift from K; ring: gift from mom; necklace: gift from grammy Flood; headband: ShopRuche)

Tonight K and I are going to look at (and hopefully buy) a couch!! (Yes, we've been living for two weeks without a couch--what of it?) I'm getting really excited about decorating the new place but it's definitely not as easy (or cheap) as I dreamed it would be. Here's hoping--it's rust orange, so how can we go wrong?


  1. Gorgeous outfit! I love the skirt and tights! :)

  2. Love this look! Great photos too! You seem to have really switched gears with your style lately. Is it a Winter/Spring thing? Or just a style evolution?

    Either way, you look awesome. Yea on the new place too! Couch shopping is fun! (word of advice, light beige, though it goes with everything, will get stained in no time and is a BAD idea-so sayeth the owner of a light beige couch).

  3. very lovely outfit and hair
    congrats on the promotion!!

  4. I love this outfit and I so wish I could do my hair like that! It looks so cute.

    Congrats on the promotion!

  5. So jealous of your hair skills! I have been catching up on your blog, I have to admit life has gotten away from me and I have fallen behind on my reading, but man, each outfit is better than the next! Amazing!