Tuesday, April 27, 2010

spring sprang sprung

So, this morning something happened that did not warm my heart (or any other part of me, for that matter):

Looks like Spring ran off with Mr. Sun under the cover of darkness. I blame the Groundhog--he always was a bad influence.

When I stepped outside to take photos this morning I might as well have stepped into a torrential downpour. Those big, fluffy flakes are seriously deceiving. Instead of the light, fragile flurries I was expecting, it was like I was standing (monkey-in-the-middle style) in the center of a supersized spitting contest... only the spit was also partially frozen. Those flakes hit my face like they had something to prove and nothing to lose.

At least the unexpected snowstorm gave this little jumper a chance at relevance. I bought it post-snow season (I thought) at the thrift store in Waterbury and wasn't planning to wear until next winter. It seemed appropriate.

Good thing I wasn't planning to go running this morning. This could be classified as weather-I-would-never-exercise-in-even-if-my-life-depended-on-it.

(sweater jumper: thrifted; shirt: Old Navy; tights: Goodwill; socks: Marshall's; boots: Aldo; necklace: UO)

This could also be classified as weather-that-makes-me-wish-I-lived-in-Southern-California. K, I know we just worked long and hard on home improvement this weekend, but what do you think? Am I just watching way too much Beverly Hills: 90210?

I still maintain that the Beverly Hills Beach Club looks a hell of a lot more appealing than any place that drops snow after April is already underway.

In memorium of Spring, and in a last attempt to keep my eye on the prize and keep thinking positively about the probability of warmth in the near future, it's finally time to post a few inspirational fashion photos that I've been holding hostage in my favorites folder until such time as... well, now.

(Kansas Couture)

I want that yellow dress! Wouldn't something like that be perfect for a spring wedding? Too bad nobody I know is getting married. Actually, too bad I don't have that dress.

(Kendi Everyday)

I went to Old Navy to buy that belt but they didn't have it in blue any more :( No matter, I got it in brown, but it's not the same. Also, love love the florals & stripes.

(A Thought is the Blossom)

This outfit inspires me in one hundred million ways. Love the hat, love the braid, love the belt, love the shoes, loooooove (and covet) the jumpsuit! Gah!

Also, I just have to ramble ramble ramble for a minute because this girl is such an inspiration in general. I absolutely loved this post she wrote about the perceived negative effect that some especially crafty-cool bloggers have on their audiences when, instead of inspiring, they foster feelings of inadequacy in their readers (just like fashion models have made women feel physically inferior for decades, these fabulous women can make us feel personally inferior, which is much worse). I definitely feel a twinge of envy when I see someone wearing something incredible and one-of-a-kind, or taking gorgeous photos in beautiful locations, or doing creative projects in their "free time" (which I never seem to have, but really am just not utilizing to its full potential), but I agree that these women are, first and foremost, an inspiration! They make me want to actually do the things that I talk about doing! Instead of sitting around whining about how everyone else has all the fun, they make me want to be more creative and experience the beauty in life as much as I possibly can. Anyway, I was very touched by the way she allowed her fantastical facade to fall and gave us a glimpse of her daily life (and dirty dishes). Not everyone is perfect and the blog world can sometimes make it seem like living a charmed life is possible, because these are our real lives, right?? That way of thinking doesn't take into account that blogs, like anything else on the internet, are made up of images hand-selected to cast a very particular part of our lives in the best possible light. Part of what drew me to blogging in the first place was the feeling that these were real people--that this variety of fashion-awareness and personal style was (and is) attainable. It definitely put everything in perspective, and if you don't read her blog this is a very good time to start.

In other news, can someone please explain to me how this is possible:

I'm not complaining about that forecast, but... seriously. It's snowing today. How can it possibly transition to eighty degrees by this weekend???

PS: Unrelated, but Awesome.


  1. That is SO strange about the snow! Oh well at least it was only a day!

  2. i am having the same type of weather over here as well...its ridiculous!

  3. oh man, your weather is just like pittsburgh!

    at least you took the most adorable photos you could have! so expressive of your mood.

  4. oh sorry about the sucky weather, Dc is kind of chilly for late april though

    loved Starr's post! I've found or expected bloggers to be perfect, but I really appreciated her honesty after essentially being attacked by that annoying jezebel lady who clearly doesn't know or understand this amazing supportive blogosphere

  5. Here too, it's snowing. It's been snowing since 6 am. It doesn't look like it'll stop anytime soon... so yes, I feel your pain. And to think that some of us are supposed to be on our "summer vacay"!


  6. it's snowing???!? what on earth is going on with mother nature. well, your jumper is super cute, and i'm glad we got to see it even if it is a few days before May! the red shirt underneath really helps to set it off.

    I love Katie's yellow dress and Kendi's layering of the stripes. So thrilled to see my image here too!

    Also, thank you so much for your support (and link!) to the whole inadequacy post. that was especially awkward for me to bring up any kind of negative issue on my blog, but in the end i'm glad i did. it brought up some issues that needed to be addressed, and it brought together so many great opinions from all you lovely bloggers. :)