Monday, March 8, 2010

Hi Everyone!! Monday has returned with a vengeance and I would be lying if I said I was terribly excited about it... but alas, another week is underway! Before I go any further, I want to thank Amy for featuring me as her "current blog love!" She was one of my very first readers (and most supportive!) and for that she will always have a special spot in my little blogger heart. In honor of her (and because I think everyone should take a moment on Monday morning to think about what makes them smile), I will draw up a happy list like the one she has up on her blog today.

(PS: Amy also indirectly introduced me to by wearing such awesome boots all the time! And while I was rather unimpressed when the heel immediately snapped off of my very first GoJane purchase, I received the no-hassle replacement in record time and therefore forgive them and will consider it a fluke--for now). The new, unbroken shoes are on my feet right now (please note that the snow is melting!!!):

10 Things that Make Me Happy-As-Can-Be:

1. The sight, smell and sound of the ocean
2. Seeing a great movie on the big screen
3. Thoughtful walks
(on country roads, through the woods, on city streets)
5. A glass of red wine and a bubble bath
6. Reading in the sun
7. Lively dinners out with my family or friends
8. Spicy, spicy food
9. Windows down on road trips
10. Traveling by train through foreign countries

(dress: Marshall's; skirt/tights: Goodwill; belt: thrifted, shoes:

This weekend K and I went to see Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" in 3-D. I hope it isn't a travesty to admit that my mind was not blown by Mr. Burton's latest work. I mean, I didn't dislike it or anything, I just didn't have much of an opinion about it at all (which is never a good sign, in my opinion). I think a lot of the hype around the movie was based on the fact that A) it's in 3-D, which is still new and exciting and B) it was directed by Tim Burton, and we all love him. The costumes and computer-generated sets were really visually arresting and that pretty much made the experience for me. I guess what bothered me most about the film was that it had so much potential to really explore complex concepts and either I missed them or Burton did. Now that the basic elements of film can be completely computer-generated (and when they are), my expectations for the content of those films has sky-rocketed. If you are going to remake a story like "Alice and Wonderland," which was extremely fresh and influential when it was written in 1865, you have to introduce new elements that will impress a discerning modern audience. In my opinion, Burton didn't take it far enough. While such a fantastical, well-known world provided the perfect forum for serious philosophical exploration, his reinterpretation seemed limited to a showcase of new technological toys. If it were meant to be a children's film I might look at it differently, but I'd prefer to think that this isn't the sort of film that people are taking young children to. I thought it was pretty dark--closer to "Pan's Labyrinth" than "Peter Pan" (okay, I'm exaggerating, but you get the idea...)

Did anybody else go see it over the weekend? I'd really love to be proven wrong--what are your thoughts? Did it go completely over my head?


  1. such a cute vintage look! I adore those shoes!!

  2. I wasn't able to catch the movie because it was all sold out where I was! Oh well. Maybe next weekend : )
    cute boots - I'm glad they sent a replacement!

  3. Love the neutrals in this outfit. That plaid shirt is totally awesome (and in love with me I think ;-). I really look forward to some more updates on the shoes, too! I checked the website out and I would like to know how they wear. They are just all so cute and such a good deal!!

    heart: Kimberellie

  4. You look fantastic, love the plaid and also those boots. :)

  5. those boots are so great! I am checking out go jane right now! Thanks!

  6. Ooh, lovely! The colors here are perfect! I haven't seen the movie yet..!

  7. I love the neutral color palette and the cute ruffles... I haven't seen the film and probably won't - I love the Disney version and the 1985 CBS version, but this one just looks too visually obnoxious... and I usually like Tim Burton, but I don't know, it just look bad.

  8. i absolutely LOVE this outfit!
    its definitely my favorite outfit so far...

  9. gojane is the devil.. i've resisted buying anything yet because purchasing footwear online is dicey for me, but DAMN if they aren't chock full of tempting styles.

    in other news, you're adorable.