Thursday, March 4, 2010

city mouse/country mouse

What a pleasant surprise! The morning sun has finally risen above the trees, casting long shadows on the snow and warming my face like sweet melted butter--spring has arrived! It's as if Mother Nature is rewarding me for all of those early AMs spent shivering in the sleet and snow for the sake of this little blog :)

Today I decided to let my inner gypsy come out to play.

I came the the conclusion years ago that the primary problem I have (in life) is with finding a compromise between two halves of my self. My inner yin and yang, if you will. It's very City Mouse/Country Mouse.

On one hand, I am a Vermonter at heart... I love long, quiet walks in the woods and reading for hours on a sun-stroked rock in the middle of a babbling brook. I love crackling fireplaces and woodsmoke and quaint little towns and quiet little lakeside cabins. I love dirt roads and green fields and big blue skies and holstein cows and banjos. I love long flowing dresses and paisley scarves and gold bangles and dancing/spinning like a nymph around a bonfire on a midsummer's night. I like to be barefoot.

The flip side of my personal proverbial coin is my city-slicker style. I love walking fast on busy city streets juggling Starbucks and shopping bags. I fondly remember days spent watching through the windows of coffee shops as the constant, uninterrupted flow of moving bodies and bikes and trains harmonized with the cacophonous clang of jangling subway trains and rapid conversations in a variety of voices. I love long nights spent sipping wine on rooftops looking out over bright city lights, and dancing to loud music in dark, smoky clubs until I'm tired and sweaty and thrilled to the bone. If I can't be barefoot, I'm always in high high heels.

What's a girl to do? It's as if my personality is split in two and I can't decide who I want to be! I guess all I can do is try to find a common ground between my two selves. And so? Gypsy scarves and high heels and nymph-twirl-dancing in smoky clubs and sipping wine while looking out over the bright lights of the stars in the sky and perking up my ears at the sound of the Amtrak train as it rushes & rumbles past my country window in the night... a brief reminder of the joys and noise of city life.

(jumper&belt&scarf: thrifted; cardigan: Target; tights: HUE; moccasins: Minnetonka)

In other news, K and I got the apartment in Richmond and will be moving in less than three weeks!! I'm so excited & pleased & relieved :)

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. Congrats on the apartment. I am just like you with the 2 halves - my solution, live in the suburbs close to the city.

  2. Do you mean Richmond, VA? I live in VB, about 2 hours away! That'd be sweet if you do mean in Va, we could totally meet up sometime! I love all of the little details in your outfits, especially this one. That's what always makes your outfits unique.. the details.

  3. Hey girl! I am doing this new thing on my sidebar of my blog where I link my Current Blog Love. Last month I had Megan from The Discerning Fashionista; and this month I wanted to feature you. Is that cool? :)

  4. I'm similar in the way that I love being away from society and enjoying the simple pleasures of life, but I also enjoy being in the city and feeling the energy!

    And congrats about your apartment! I hope you like it in Richmond : )


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  6. by trading links I mean putting me under your inspiration tab on your sidebar. I already added you to mine :) looking forward to reading more

    the colors in this outfit are amazing

    I seem to have two sides, but I was completely unaware of the other side until I went off to college. my entire life I've always wanted to live in a real bustling city, growing up in st. paul, MN I did have a city environment, but it was missing a lot (plus sometimes its hard to find what's fun and unique about your home town when you've lived there for too long) so I ventured off to DC. Although DC has great food, decent music venues, museums, etc. I miss the quiet, the nature, driving, walking, things I never knew I'd miss.