Monday, March 22, 2010

monday, bloody monday

Happy Monday, everyone! A few things that are making me happy this Monday:

#1: My time off request for Cape Cod vacation 2010 was approved--one full week of July dedicated to sun&surf=hooray!

#2: I got myself some snazzy new running shoes this weekend--actually getting some serious exercise (with Cape Cod vacation 2010 as a potential motivator...)=hooray!

Today's outfit was vaguely modeled after Alexander Wang's sport-chic Spring 2010 Collection:

The stripes keep it sporty, while the rest of the outfit remains in a kind of khaki-neutral zone.

I originally intended to wear my floral Betsey Johnson tights (which I have such a hard time styling) with this, but it just felt too forced. The white tights nicely balance the kind of wacky decision to wear my striped tank top as a vest, but the wild tights just made me look like a crazy.

Speaking of Cape Cod, K told me this morning that it looked like I was "going to the beach" (!!?) As far as I'm concerned, nothing about this outfit even remotely resembles beachwear (except mayyyybe the striped tank top, if pushed--but seriously, wool skirt? Knit tights? Heeled boots?). I think we're both kind of over the fact that it snowed this weekend (!!!). I do not approve of that.

(shirt: H&M; tunic: TJMaxx or something; skirt: vintage; tights: TJMaxx; boots: ALDO; belt: thrifted)


  1. you are so pretty. I love the colors and the stripes. I love those white tights too!

  2. Love this outfit! So much fun! Oh, and you are right, not beach-y at all. The menfolk don't always understand!!


  3. So cute! I love the tank as vest idea! I don't get beach at all (except weren't the old timey men's suits red and white striped tank tops but with black bottoms?)