Monday, May 24, 2010

birds flying high you know how i feel

I do love the summer sun.

This is my awesome new romper, which I love. It's perfect for lounging around while getting a sunburn on my knees:

It was another busy, busy weekend for me! On Saturday K, K's bro & I took another road trip in search of microbrews. We first stopped at Rock Art in Morrisville (I skipped the tasting because I was too cheap, but we'll say it was because I was the DD, which I was...) before driving clear across the state to visit Trout River in Lyndonville. We got there a little bit before 3 pm and the pub didn't open until 4, so we killed some time buying chocolate and maple syrup for K's parents and wandering around St. Johnsbury. K got a sweet train-conductor hat that actually kind of looks like an inverted version of this romper, and I scored a $5 perfect-fit denim jacket at the Salvation Army.

We finally went back to the brewpub, skipped out on the supposedly fantastic (the descriptions alone had my mouth watering) flatbread pizza in favor of saving our appetites for a sushi dinner, ordered a few beers, and were on the road again. One thing I learned this weekend: I think I like Belgian-style beers the best. I always liked Blue Moon but hadn't had many other varieties... most of the beers I ended up trying on our tasting adventures were fruity Belgians and I was a fan of all of them!

That night we went to Asiana House in Burlington and I got the exact same thing I got last time I was there: sweet potato tempura maki and avocado/cucumber/tofu skin maki (plus a seaweed salad, bien sur). All I can say is: Heaven. I just wish their cocktails weren't so exorbitantly expensive. Ten dollars for a martini?? No thanks.

Sunday was lovely. K brought his brother to the airport around 4 am and we woke up around 9 to glorious sunshine. We strolled over to the park and I stopped at On the Rise for a chocolate croissant and an iced coffee (I love my little town!!) to enjoy while I finished my book!

The evening was spent picnicking at Hubbard Park in Montpelier (K was too exhausted to accompany me) to celebrate the graduation of a very dear friend, who just got her BA in film (like me!). I ate waaaaaaaay more than an acceptable number of cookies and brownies (so. good.) and noshed on a veggie burger, corn, and miscellaneous sauteed vegetables. After most of the party had dispersed, a group of us relocated to sit on a bench by a little pond and wax philosophical about life (you know, the usual).

All-in-all, a lovely, fun-filled weekend! This morning felt like a fresh start in so many ways: K and I have the apartment to ourselves again, I went for a long run after a three-day hiatus, I started a new book (The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver--last year I read her book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, which I highly recommend), and I'm feeling good!

Birds flying high you know how I feel
Sun in the sky you know how I feel
Breeze drifting on by you know how I feel
It's a new dawn,
It's a new day,
It's a new life for me
And I'm feeling good.


  1. oo a food filled weekend, yum

    I wasn't a fan of poisonwood bible, but let me know what you think

  2. I heart rompers. This one is especially cute.

  3. Beautiful pics. This romper is esp. cool. Love it. Looks so relaxing.

    -I LOVED the Poisonwood Bible.