Thursday, May 6, 2010

imagine me and ewe

Yesterday evening was a gloriously sunny and warm seventy-something, so K and I took a little stroll around town and ended up sheep-watching from atop a grassy knoll. I love Vermont.

I decided to go back this morning to commune with my new woolen friends, but I guess they weren't expecting visitors. In fact, a few of them seemed rather alarmed:

I guess I can't escape the befuddled looks of passersby. Even the sheep know I'm doing something unnatural. I still feel a little bit more comfortable with their confusion than the bemused ogling of the auto mechanics next door...

K and I were discussing how awesome it would be to have sheep (or pygmy goats). It would probably be more awesome to have goats, because then I could make all the goat cheese I could eat (it's my very favorite). I'm not sure I'm adventurous enough for sheep cheese, and I'm definitely not industrious enough to shear them and spin their wool into yarn, so they'd be pretty useless creatures to own. But they're fun to look at--I love their precious, fluffy rotundity! (romper: hand-me-down from K's mom; cardigan: Ruche; tights: Goodwill; boots: ALDO; belt: thrifted)

Edit: Alice asked in the comments what Ruche is, so I've included a link to their website above. They have very lovely things!


  1. I love the romper and the sweater! What is that brand, rouche? Where do you find it at? Thanks.

  2. love this outfit, especially the layering of the playsuit and cardigan. the patterns are so lovely. i also really like your photos and your setting, getting some nice fresh air!

  3. lol i laughed when you said that about the sheep !
    i always feel like a compltely psycho takign pictures in front of people ..
    i love your cardi ..

    hey this is the first time on your blog and i rally love it .. i was wondering if you have a bloglovin account ?
    i was hoping to follow you on there because i ususally never use google friend account

  4. I love that cardigan and the mix of florals!

  5. love love love love this look. Love the mixing of the patterns.

    Love "fluffy rotundity" hahahhaha!!

    Always wanted a sheep too. Ever petted one? It's like petting a blanket. It's surreal.

  6. That sweater is adorable! Ruffles go with everything.

    Oh and a tip: if you want to milk goats, but still want something small (like a pygmy) get Nigerian Dwarfs. They are the dairy equivalent of a pygmy, pygmy's are primarily meat or pet goats. I raise Dwarfs and make if you ever want advice on them, let me know and I can hook you up. ;)

  7. love your cardigan!

    wow vermont looks heavenly, beautiful farms and mountains!?

    I used to have a high school English teacher who raised sheep. sometimes she would be late to class because a sheep tipped over haha

  8. I love the way the patterns are mixed in this outfit. And of course leather boots are always a good idea :D

  9. Your sweater is adorable! And I love how fluffy sheep look. They're like clouds with legs.