Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! I wish I were celebrating with an enormous tray of K&Caitlin special nachos (one of my most frequent and indulgent indulgences) and uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco (!) fruity and fabulous frozen beverages of the strawberry dacquiri variety, but alas--I've been running my little legs ragged trying to climb back up the slippery slope I slid down during the winter months (and let's face it, since K entered my life and promptly affected me with his bad influence... why is it that men can put away pounds of food without it clinging to their bodies in strange ways??). The summit? A satisfactory state for bikini season. Until I get to my happy place, gorging on nachos on a Wednesday evening is not in the cards for me... I save those sorts of activities for the weekends :)

Despite all of the bad habits K encourages in me, he is good for some things... he got me this dress for Christmas last year (not to be confused with last Christmas). What an eye he has for color, right? He knows me so well...

The dress was rather lost in the small space that is my crammed closet, but I was immediately reminded of it when I saw this photo of Keiko Lynn on Weardrobe:

Because the dress is such a rich, goldenrod yellow, I wanted the scarf to offer a vivid contrast.

And yes, I wore brown tights with black shoes. I like to think I can get away with it because I'm a brunette, so one of my major accessories is always brown :)

Also, it's on days like this that I cry a tear or two for my long lost tube of vibrant red lipstick. I haven't had the heart to replace it just yet, but my lips are seriously lacking without it.

(dress: Le Sac, AA, gift; scarf: thrifted; shoes:; tights: Goodwill)


  1. Nice so good budddy i love this blog i will see your every post and waiting for new post :)

  2. you look amazing in that shade of canary yellow

  3. I love yellow clothing I sadly own not alot, and I love your silk scarf you paired it with!

    lovelove, M.