Monday, May 10, 2010

new furniture, new favorites

What a weekend! This is what I wore on Saturday, when K and I hit the jackpot at a moving sale in Shelburne. We hopped on to CraigsList before heading out for breakfast at JP's in Essex Junction (me: veggie omelette, homefries, wheat toast, coffee; him: the works omelette, homefries, english muffin, OJ) and saw that there was a great faux-leather chair up for grabs(among other things). We decided to go check it out.

We'd been keeping our eyes out for brown leather chairs in particular, because it's difficult to match much of anything to our orange couch. This one (though a little rough around the edges) was perfect! The woman having the sale then proceeded to walk us through her entire house and point out everything that she was trying to get rid of (apparently she and her husband are getting separated and they want to sell off all of the furniture that reminds them of their life together). We ended up walking out with the chair, an orange and blue floral loveseat (which we later bought a cover for), four blue ball jars and two gold-framed mirrors for the bathroom. All for a grand total of $75!

This is definitely the way to go when trying to furnish a new apartment on a budget. As long as the used furniture has no weird smells or questionable stains, why not? People often have really great stuff that they're only getting rid of because they happen to be redecorating their homes (or their lives, in this case).

(dress: Charlotte Russe; scarf: thrifted; bracelet: flea market; tights: Goodwill; boots: ALDO; sunglasses: UO online; ring [made out of a button!] from mom via a button store in France!)


  1. Holy moly what a steal! That's a great deal for all the stuff that you got. I love bargins like those : )

  2. great finds! too bad it was for such a sad reason, but glad you scored

  3. Love the dress, and sounds like a successful day!! Jealous about the blue Ball jars, I've been looking for some myself!