Monday, May 17, 2010

whirlwind weekend

What a busy weekend I had! K's brother is visiting from Washington, and attempts to entertain have forced us to deviate from our everyday routine (not a bad thing).

Friday night we made some serious nachos and went to the late showing of Iron Man 2. It was actually really amusing, which pleased me. Robert Downey Jr. is scoring some major points with his blockbuster performances lately--I thought he was great in Sherlock Holmes and, although he basically played the exact same character, I was equally impressed in IM2.

On Saturday, the boys spent the day touring Vermont microbreweries while I went shopping. I was pretty disappointed with the selection at my usual haunts, but I did manage to pick up a chambray shirt dress and a pinstripe linen romper at TJMaxx.

On Sunday (after I took a nice stroll down the sunny street to pick up the paper (and butter) from my new favorite corner market and K made delicious (local) eggs with (local) salsa and (local) coffee), we drove down to Middlebury to visit the Otter Creek brewery... and it was closed. It was also closed the last time K and I tried to check it out, but so be it. The drive was lovely and scenic and it was such a gorgeous day nothing could get us down! After driving all the way back up to Burlington we stopped at Magic Hat (nobody was terribly impressed, and it was agreed that MH should perhaps redirect their focus to the brewing of beer, rather than the creativity of presentation) before walking along the boardwalk and strolling down Church Street in the afternoon sun.

I spent the evening at Sarducci's with the family, celebrating Brother #1 passing his certification test to be a Nurse's aide, Brother #2 emerging intact from freshman year at BU, and my recent promotion. The only sad news there is that Sarducci's has discontinued its heavenly flourless chocolate cake (a travesty!). Another enlightening evening out... as soon as we arrived Brothers #1 & #2 launched into an argument about whether or not the government should give funding to the arts, which turned into a discussion of democracy vs. anarchy (of course), slowly transitioned into Brother #1 asking why we "didn't eat" the duck my mother hit with her car and a discussion of the unusual per diem bird-slaughterer with the "Out Back, Killing" sign on his door, and finally ended with my eighteen-year-old brother telling my father to grow up (jokingly, of course). Just another ordinary dinner out with the Flood family.

When I got home last night I was so exhausted I collapsed on the bed and fell asleep almost immediately. I'm like an old woman. Also, I need to figure out what the heck I'm doing with my life.


  1. love the look, and those glasses!

  2. Love those shorts! I need to find a pair.


  3. Wow, your weekend sounds so great!! (Your family dinners sound like a typical night at my house too) Love your outfit here too- the glasses are the perfect touch.


  4. Love love this outfit. Sounds like a good weekend too! That kind of a combination is perfect.

  5. Great outfit! I love the layers and prints!

  6. wow your family sounds highly amusing

    funny you said magic hat was dull, my friend applied for a summer job as an events coordinator there, maybe she can spruce it up haha

    wow you guys are such locivores, it is both inspiring and a little ridiculous haha

    I checked out kundera from the library, can't wait!