Tuesday, June 8, 2010

story of a saturday

On Saturday, we got stood up by the "huge thunderstorm" that threatened the New England area. There was even a tornado warning! We cancelled our plans to drive up to Montreal and opted for some VT adventures instead. After the drizzly morning, the clouds started to clear, and by late afternoon we even saw blue skies! I was actually kind of mad about it.

K was nice enough to take these photos of my rainy-day-grey outfit:

The first stop of the day was at Jo-Ann fabrics. Actually, the first stop was at a thrift store in Williston that I always drive by but have never stopped at--it was specifically for babies and mothers. Needless to say, we didn't stay long, as I am neither. The second stop was at Rags and Riches, a huge fabric store that never seems to be open. We didn't stay there for long, either--it was for upholstery. So, technically, Jo-Ann was our third stop of the day, but that's just if you want to get technical. Poor K, we were in there for over two hours.

I've been meaning to bust out the sewing machine that my mother gifted me for Christmas, but this was my first attempt at actually stocking up on supplies. I have never really sewn anything in my life (other than a hem), so I was kind of running around like a chicken with my head cut off--looking at patterns, picking out fabric, finding cool fabric that wouldn't work with my patterns, finding new patterns, picking out zippers and thread... hoo boy. It took forever, and I thought I might die when my purchases totaled $60. Sixty dollars! Sewing is not the answer.

(Funny story: this scarf is actually just a huge piece of fabric I bought at Jo-Ann's last Halloween for an owl costume that never saw the light of day)

I then purchased six new movies from Blockbuster (An Education, Crazy Heart, Up in the Air, Knocked Up, Couple's Retreat and The September Issue) and K and I went home to drown our spending sorrows (me, for spending money, he, for spending that much time waiting for me to spend it already) in this:

We make these nachos practically every week (and we eat them all).

1 bag corn chips
2 8-oz bags Cabot cheese
(1 sharp cheddar, 1 fancy blend)
1 can spicy fat-free refried beans

Green Mountain Gringo salsa (hot!)

4 avocadoes, mashed
salsa to taste
lemon juice to taste

My friend S taught me to make guacamole in college (for all of those late-night post-party binges), and it's so simple and delicious! I never use mayonnaise, so it's a lot healthier (but still pretty unhealthy in this quantity--especially on top of all of that cheese! Who am I kidding?). Try it!

When I eat nachos, all is right in the world. Sadly, our blender broke a couple of weeks ago mid-dacquiri blending, so we were going to buy a new one on Saturday. Then I called my mom and discovered that I still had my old blender in storage from my Boston years! So, no dacquiris on Saturday, but it certainly saved me from more unnecessary spending!

(dress: Goodwill; scarf: Jo-Ann's fabric; socks: TJMaxx; shoes: GoJane.com; sunglasses: UO; belt: Bargain Boutique)

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  1. That is an awesome nacho spread! Thanks from the farm families who own Cabot for using (lots and lots ;)) of Cabot cheese!