Thursday, June 3, 2010

sandwich style: balsamic veggies and goat cheese panini

Since I've been seriously slacking on getting dressed this week, I thought I'd shift focus for a minute to what I wear inside my stomach. I've mentioned this delicious sandwich that I can't get enough of a couple of times before, but it's only getting better and better as we hit the summer vegetable season.

Also, because I was unable to eat the meaty version of the red onion-carmelized pear-brie sandwich at the Poutine restaurant this weekend, it inspired me to branch out and experiment with sandwich ingredients, so this may be the last time I make this particular panini for a while (although I'm very likely to relapse right away).

I start by sauteeing the onions. I like them to be nice and soft, so I let them cook the longest. Next, because I don't have a real grill, I grill my eggplant on my lean mean fat-reducing grilling machine (Mr. Foreman and I have become very close...).

In the meantime, I add the red peppers and summer squash to the frying pan, and spread herbed goat cheese on both slices of bread:

When the veggies are soft and supple, I load them on the bread in layers and drizzle my favorite fat-free balsamic vinaigrette (Olde Cape Cod!) over the top before slapping the whole thing on the grill and toasting it up. Tonight's side: Garden Salsa Sun Chips (my other favorite).

And just for the sake of comparison, K's dinner that same night:

Sometimes it's hard having a boyfriend who likes to eat small (and large) animals, but in this case I say... more for me! The veggies last 3-4 days in the fridge so I can eat deliciousness every day of the week! And if he wants to eat dill-y tomatoes and tuna fish with french fries, he is free to do so.

Today and tomorrow are all about the food--tonight we feast at Claire's, a local restaurant that practically single-handedly revitalized the town where I went to high school by drawing attention to the organic and slow food movement in the area (in honor of Brother #1's birthday--happy 22!) and tomorrow is Day 1 of the Richmond Farmer's Market, so we'll definitely be there (fresh produce and live music? Yes please!).

I promise I'll be back with outfit photos tomorrow! Cheers :)


  1. oh man. this post makes me so hungry! I guess I'd better go make dinner now haha.

    What a smart combination of flavors! Well done, chef ;)

  2. ooo this looks delish! definitely going to try this one. if you attempt the carmalized pear one, let me know! Go vegans!