Monday, June 7, 2010

won't you take me to funkytown?

Friday was a beaaaauty! I decided to take this summer-picnic scarf for a spin in honor of the glorious weather. I picked it up at Bargain Boutique on Thursday, along with some other lovely loot (I see a theme...):

I wanted to wear it to the first Farmer's Market, because in my head I imagined K and I snacking on delicious produce, cheese and freshly baked bread while tapping our toes to the musical stylings of Tammy Fletcher and her bluesy band.

It didn't really work out that way...

As it turned out, the FM was a major flop (for us, anyway). It was mostly crafts and pre-made foods (which would have been more appreciated had I not already planned on finishing up my sandwich vegetables for dinner), so I'm hoping that as the weeks progress we start seeing some more local fruits and veggies (and cheese! I was hoping for cheese!)

Anyway, the night only improved from there. We went to On the Rise to see Ms. L Cannon play her trumpet with the funk band The Real Deal:


The band was awesome! We danced like madwomen all night (K even joined in) and we're definitely planning to see them play again before the summer is through! They were so much fun--I like weirdo synthesizers and emo-poetic lyrics as much as the next girl, but sometimes you just need a break for some good old-fashioned funk!

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