Monday, June 28, 2010

the new and the old

Whew! My weekends won't slow down and I love it! On Saturday my mom and I took a trip to Conway for some serious outlet shopping. It was great, but next time I'm going to make sure I have more money to spend! On the way through New Hampshire we stopped in a quaint little town called Bethlehem. My mom stops there en route to Conway every year because they have some awesome antique shops. I only ended up buying a midnight blue velvet blazer (because of my lack of funds) but could have spent an entire day there and definitely intend to go back.

When we got to Conway I was overwhelmed! Luckily (and surprisingly) there were very few people at Settler's Green, so our fellow shoppers weren't much of a hindrance. Because I usually avoid J. Crew, Banana Republic and others because the usual prices are a wee bit too steep, I never realized that most of their clothes don't fit me anyway! Unless I miraculously grow five inches, I'm destined to shop at H&M and F21 for the rest of my natural life. Adult sizes just don't work for my childlike figure, even at more child-sized prices. So that was kind of a disappointment. Still, it was a fun (albeit long) day. Mom and I had some yummy nachos and dacquiris for lunch, chomped on divine Lindt factory seconds, and I did manage to spend every last dime in my piggy-bank, which usually signifies success!

This is what I wore on Sunday to the Vermont History Expo at the Tunbridge Fairgrounds (guess whose idea that was...). I love going to the fair, but for someone who isn't totally enthralled by the history of Vermont, the Expo was rather silly. K got a bunch of pamphlets, we watched a laughable parade, raised our eyebrows at the Civil War soldiers standing guard over their miniature camp, ate free cheese, and lingered longest over the enormous pig and the precious baby chicks. We stayed only for a couple of hours before taking the scenic route home.

On the way, K stopped to take photos of this old abandoned bed and breakfast, so I seized the opportunity to document my outfit. Carpe diem.

And now, hi-ho, it's back to work I go. Blech.

I just want to take the time to thank all of you for following/reading my blog! I wish I could be more of a presence in the blogosphere, and if I can't reply to all of your comments it's not because I don't want to! I don't have a computer of my own and blog-time is very limited. So thank you all for stopping by! Your comments make my day every time!!!


  1. for a blogger with limited computer time, I'm always impressed with your posts. I love your outfits and your thoughts on books, wormholes, etc! And you always inspire me to go out and do something, you weekends are so packed with interesting events and adventures, I wish I was that resourceful/creative every weekend too!

  2. What a cute dress! I love the setting of these photos, so cool. Good to hear your having such fun weekends!

  3. I am in love with the white, the brick, and the feeling of these photographs. That dress is all kinds of marvelous!

    Your adventures are always wonderful to read about, thank you!

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