Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i am a lover, a lunatic, and a poet

This has been quite a week. I blame the midsummer moon for throwing everything entirely out of whack.

(tunic: Plato's Closet c/o Charlotte Russe; shoes: Kohl's; belt: Old Navy)

Say, what abridgement have you for this evening?

Well, as for me, tonight I will most likely beguile the lazy time by watching my new favorite show (Northern Exposure--a decent replacement for Beverly Hills: 90210) with my favorite boy and reading my new book (The Museum of Innocence) late into the night. Don't let la lune convert you all to lunatics in her crazy choir!


  1. I love the dress--but moreso I love that you're getting into Northern Exposure. I haven't watched that show in AGES...AGES! But it was definitely a good show to watch.

  2. Great belt! wow

    I hear so much about Northern Exposure, I really must watch it!

    Thanks so much for your comment on my last post. As much as I would love a boyfriend, I recognize I need to be fully happy with myself instead of letting a boy validate me. I know I have become more confident this year and now have a much high self esteem. Ever since I got rid of that awful roommate, I've been rediscovering myself and just exactly what I want and need and where I should be in the future. I think its helping me grow up as an individual and become the best possible version of myself. And like you said, I think when I am almost there, close to fully satisfied with who I am, it will happen

  3. So Andreas thinks he saw you in Burlington yesterday. He was in town again for another business trip and eating lunch in some cafe by the window. He swears he saw you pass by! He said you looked like you could have been in Paris. :)